Friday Friend Day


Drawing of me (Jeremy Drysdale) by Laurel Hawkswell

I used to have a tradition of giving a shout-out to another artist every Friday on my Facebook page, but somehow that fizzled out last year so I thought that maybe this blog would be a good place to start the tradition up again. I’m glad you agree.

I recently attended a caricature convention in Ohio for ISCA (International Society of Caricature Artists), and when I was there I had the privilege of having my caricature drawn by the lovely and talented artist Laurel Hawkswell who lives and works in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Laurel is not only super cool (and friendly), she also has a great style and does an excellent job of getting a likeness. I love the drawing she did for me. She also does commission work if you would like to have one done of yourself or a friend. Reach out and let her know you have some crisp U.S. Dollars you want to send her way!

Her email address is:

You can also see more of her drawings and LIKE her Facebook page by clicking here: (

Friday Friend Day

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